15th September – 45 Days and Counting…

6. Do you work to an outline or plot or do you prefer to see where an idea takes you?

I do a bit of both, really. I’m a strange sort, and I flit between uber-plotting and “pantsing” – writing by the seat of your pants!

I need to know what the ending is before I do anything else. I already know what the ending of the Rise of the Darkwitch series is, and everything I write works towards that, though the ending isn’t necessarily obvious. I’d like to think it wasn’t after just one book!

I also need to know my characters very well so that I can work my plot around them. There are certain scenarios that can’t happen because they don’t fit in with the characters. If a character is doing something for the sake of the action, and not because of their personality, the story isn’t working.

While I do plan a lot, I also enjoy writing into the dark. Sometimes the strangest ideas come to me, or a character takes me in a direction I wasn’t expecting (Zecha in book two took his own direction entirely!). Sometimes I write something and then realise…no. This isn’t working. My carefully worked out plot is suddenly no good. Thus, it might be time to do some pantsing!


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