18th September: 42 Days and Counting

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9. What does your family think of your writing?

They’re very supportive! I couldn’t do it without my husband Barry. Honestly. I know a lot of the time that’s said with a pinch of insincerity, but I really mean it. He encourages me, badgers me, cajoles me, bribes me… Anything I need to get me to get words out. Until he took up the position as my personal cheerleader, I had a quarter of a manuscript languishing in a digital bottom drawer. Now,  Rise of the Darkwitch is finished and trending on Amazon Scout. Amazing!

My amazing husband, Barry. Good-looking AND good-hearted!

In general, all my family are really supportive of my writing. Aunts, uncles, my parents, the in-laws, the husband’s wider family… From reading excerpts to sharing posts and helping promote, they’ve been absolutely fantastic – and I am very grateful and very blessed!

The best thing about my family is that they’ve never once said I couldn’t do it, or I wouldn’t make it. My dad in particular has been really supportive, and points out that you just don’t know what’s going to happen in this world. It might be a success, it might not. But the most important thing is that I tried – which is exactly how he and my mum raised me.


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