24th September – 36 Days and Counting…

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15. How do you select the names of your characters?

This is one of the coolest things about fantasy writing! I get so much scope to create new words and interesting sounds. But, as I have a background in language with a limited amount of linguistics, I have a good idea about how languages work. I hope that lets me avoid the many pitfalls of creating fantasy words and names—such as the infestation of apostrophes in the middle of words!

I use a site called Dialect Creator to help with this. It allows me to select a series of possible syllables, as well as the length of words generated, and whether consonants are randomly inserted in the middle of words for variety. This allows me to have creative freedom, within a specific set of lexical rules.

I’m still learning, and my “languages” are by no means actual languages. I haven’t done a Tolkien with grammar and all that. Frankly, I’m not skilled enough to do that. However, the generator allows me to generate thousands of words, some of which get used as character names.

The name ‘Charo’ (character above) was generated using Dialect Creator.

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