1st October – 29 Days and Counting…

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21. How many unfinished projects do you have right now?

Oh man. A lot.

I have the second Darkwitch book in the planning/initial writing stage. I’ve started all of the characters’ plotlines, though the prose needs a lot of work and reshaping.

As well, I have a historical fiction novel about a Medieval detective in the works. It’s in its second draft, though work is very slow.

I have two projects in planning as well: a YA sci-fi and an adult sci-fi novel. The former is about two teenagers living in a pan-European society, where the rich live in impressive arcologies, and the poor live in shanty towns outside. The latter is about humans meeting another race (Okyrans) via portals that bend space-time.

And to think that once, I thought I’d never have any ideas…


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