3rd October – 27 Days and Counting

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24. What literary pligrimages have you been on?

I’m not sure if this really counts as a pilgrimage, since I didn’t go there just for a literary pilgrimage, but one place I went to explore the history of literature was Canterbury.

I’m a Medievalist–or at least, I was at university. I fell in love with Chaucer’s Canterbury Tales during my A Levels, and when I hit undergraduate, I chose as many Medieval modules as I could. I went back for more with a Masters degree in Medieval Studies and loved it–even if I wasn’t the best scholar in the world.


When I moved to England in 2012, I went to Kent. And of course, that’s where Canterbury is. I lived in Margate, and then Herne. Neither place was a million miles from Canterbury.

I spent a lot of time in the city and visited the Cathedral several times. I loved the history of the place, all the old buildings, and the sense that the characters and writers I had loved so much walked the same streets, perhaps stood in the same spot…

Canterbury. Definitely one of my sites of literary pilgrimage.

Canterbury Cathedral


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