11th October – 19 Days and Counting…

32. Music or silence?

Neither, actually. I don’t listen to music while I’m working, but I also don’t work in silence. Usually, I listen to white noise generators, which come from mynoise.net. I use different generators for different activities – some a better for writing, such as Sleeping Dragon. Some are also more atmospheric and can be helpful for writing particular scenes, such as RPG Battlefield, which I used for writing the battle scene towards the end of Rise of the Darkwitch.

Other noise generators are more useful for editing, such as Clockwork. I find the monotonous sounds less distracting than the atmospheric generators. They’re helpful when I’m going through a process that is less imaginative, and more mechanical, such as fixing grammatical problems and proofing for other errors.

Overall, I love MyNoise, and I do support Stephan’s project financially (in a very minor way). I highly encourage you to do the same!


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