13th October – 17 Days and Counting…

34. What is your writing kryptonite?

I’d say my writing kryptonite is my own self-confidence, or rather, lack-thereof.

When I start doubting myself, I stop writing. I suppose it’s because writing is such a lonely thing. When even you start doubting yourself, it’s like your last cheerleader has upped and left. And it feels awful.

Kryptonite saps Superman’s powers. Self-doubt saps mine, because it feeds into my self-esteem problems. It becomes an easy way to criticise yourself for every little thing – and you end up doing nothing.

I’m trying to learn how not to succumb to my kryptonite, but it’s a long process…



4 thoughts on “13th October – 17 Days and Counting…

  1. My kryptonite is Focus-time… I find it difficult to get started when I know I’m only going to have an hour before someone gets home, or I’m going to be interrupted “any minute” if someone’s already home; I like having the place to myself – sure I can shut the world out, but it’s not the same – especially when I’m working on intense scenes, or dialogue (which I like to read aloud to catch the flow, colour and character’s voices). An hour flashes by… and when I’m writing, 6 hours can flash by, too…!


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