15th October – 15 Days and Counting…

36. What did you edit out of this book?

A lot! Rise of the Darkwitch has been a very different novel at times. The most significant change, though, was an entire subplot that was taken out.

Originally, there were two empires. There was the Masvam Empire, which was filled with the “good” guys, with Mantos at the head (he was originally a she). Then there was also the Rigarean Empire, which was tied up with dark magic.

There was a character called Princess Daire, who was the daughter of the emperor of the Rigareans. He had been seduced by dark magic and his desire to destory the Masvams, and was under the control of three evil beings: War, Malice, and Deceit.

Princess Daire escaped from the palace before she was killed by the evil creatures, and spent time wandering around.

When the novel went through its second significant shake up, I realised I needed to make some very big changes – and Princess Daire and the Rigareans were all cut.

That’s the business, though!



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