16th October – 14 Days and Counting…

37. Did you ever consider writing under a pseudonym?

Tee hee, I do! Ziv Gray isn’t my real name. I have a much more boring name in real life!

Part of the reason I write under a pseudonym is that there’s a lot of prejudice against female-sounding writers in the fantasy genre. There’s a presumption, or at least I’ve come across a presumption, that fantasy books are better when they’re by male writers. In the history of writing and literature, oftentimes female writers are seen as lesser. Just look at the English canon!

Also, I’m not really either male or female. I occupy the grey area in-between. Hence the surname!

I write in a variety of different genres, too, so my historical fiction would be published under a different name, because it’s a completely different type of book, and isn’t YA. Thus, I use pseudonyms!


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