28th October – 2 Days and Counting…

49. What value do you see in reading/writing/storytelling?

I think the triad of those things is one of the most important aspects of preserving and furthering our humanity.

Storytelling is an ancient thing, but more than that, the practice of recording and disseminating stories is a vital way that we can understand our shared human experience.

It’s amazing how we can explore complex issues through the medium of storytelling. Writing allows us to understand ourselves better, and reading allows us to understand the experiences of others.

That’s why I think the story of ‘Rise of the Darkwitch’ is a story that needs to be told. I think it’s invaluable for young LGBTQA+, and indeed anyone experiencing difficulty with their identity, to work through the issues through the medium of fiction. It allows the reader to feel their way through something that might be personal in a non-invasive way.

Stories are golden. We need them.


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